My First Towing Experience

Please excuse me for the lack of updates this week, it’s been one crazy week! To cap it all off, I had my first tow truck experience today. Although I was already sweaty from the 113 degree Arizona weather today (my A/C has been on the fritz for months), I got to sit in it for an extra hour. My car started acting funny – aka smoking, making loud sounds, no longer accelerating, etc. Luckily I made it to the shoulder of the highway and then I had to decide what to do. Thank goodness for smart phones because I would have been out of luck. I pulled a towing company up with my trusty iPhone that had good ratings (thanks, AE Recovery & Tow!) and was told to hang on for thirty to forty-five minutes. It was somewhere inbetween and I have to say all in all I had a pretty nice experience. I just hope if I ever have a car break down again that it won’t happen in the height of summer! I, as well as my car got home safely – although it’s dead. I have to buy a new one! There’s nothing to be done about it other than to bite the bullet. Really bad timing, sure, with getting married at the end of the year and all… but this rental car thing is killer! Who knew they charged so much? Anyway, I hope to make up for last week’s posts this week… so please bear with me!


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